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Pollution in Delhi

Dear Friends,
This blog is NOT for you but FOR ME.
I keep learning new things from whichever source I get. In this process, I talked to some guy and those talks I am posting here for later editing for my own learning. You may feel bored to read these talks hence I felt like warning you in advance.


(1) Why should I shift to hilly areas like Himalayas etc where there is possibility of landslides,  floods or cloud bursts as we call it and also dangerous creatures like snakes etc and I can't live in a dangerous location if god gives me options to live anywhere?
Himalayas are huge range - spanning from Jammu Kashmir to Arunachal Pradesh - Himachal Pradesh and Uttaranchal would suit you. Within the complete range there is lower himalayan range, mid himalayan range and upper himalayan range. The landslides, floods, cloud burst etc are part of the man made goof ups in small areas of himalayas. Just like NDTV makes south Indians believe there there is nirbhaya type rapes in Delhi frequently, the same is made to believe about landslides, cloud burst etc. When you go there, you select a village, town and stay there and experience himalayas - what you have in mind as himalayas is the upper himalayan range - where there are very less villages - but still they are the most beautiful.
There are no dangerous creatures etc as you think - forest dept has cut down the real flora and fauna in most places and has plantation - but still it is better than what we have in plains. 
I have travelled alone in himalayas in many places where people travel less but have not found a single snake or a dangerous animal. Yes there are bears etc., but no human habitation there.

(2) For one year or so, if I live in Delhi then what's the best way to live in polluted areas. For Example:- Let;s consider an impractical solution if a person stays indoors in AC's i.e., Mild AC for 24 hours and goes out in Car with AC ON wherever he wishes to go. Is that okay? Sugggest in detail as to where will he exercise then? Indoors. Cycling treadmill etc in home
What is air(jada VAYU) pollution. Particles of solid material (jada PRUTHVI Tattva) which are very small lodge in the air. Even the gases like SO2, NO2 are (jada PRUTHVI tattva). 
Nature of particles of size 1metre to 1cm are known to us. They dont fly in air usually. If they are sharp we call them knife, blade, needle and are dangerous. If they are hard and heavy like rock they are dangerous if they hit. If they are soft and corrosive they are dangerous. If they are soft or hard but chewable, then we call them food and are essential for life. Some of them can still be poisonous.
Unfortunately the same logic is not applied to particles of size PM2.5, PM10 etc. All the particles are put under same umbrella. It is like saying all particles of size 1cm to 20 cm are dangerous, be it stone, sugar candies, knife, blade, rotis, sabji, sweet etc. All are dangerous.
AC contains filter which will protect you from particles of size around PM10, 10 micro meter. May be PM2.5, 2.5 micro meter and above. But then there is 1um, 100nm, 10nm, 1nm, 0.1nm, 0.01nm, So2, No2, mono atomic metals like Mercury, lead, chromium etc etc. In these range there is benzene and other derived chemicals which are very small and cannot be filtered. 
PM2.5, PM10 etc if from crop burning, some specific woods etc, then they are good for health.
AC will filter only part of it, then the fine particles on AC vents would create further problem - you can solve that by cleaning the filter often. 
You can use air filters but they would work till the filters go bad. But they would filter only particles till 2.5 micrometer.
Exercise in such places what they do is that the particles would lodge in deeper tissues - in short term health is good, in long term - like 2-5 years exercise in such places is bad. That is why several olympic runners refused to run in China even if it is for few days.

If you still want to live in Delhi, put air filters, keep cleaning air filter, ac filter, do jhadu pocha every day. Keep aloe vera plants in house. When cooking (yes LPG Gas and natural gas are way more dangerous than wood), use exhaust fans. The same LPG in europe would not be so dangerous.
In Delhi there are areas which are safe. The ministers area - janpath, the embassy areas are all safer.
Keep taking 3-4 day trip to outskirts often - like Himalayas where you can get connected.

(3) Is it necessary to go with Oxygen Mask ON whenever you go out in a polluted area?
Using COTTON karchief which are folded and made wet would equally work. Masks are ON even if you forget, hence better.
If COTTON karchief made wet and used it will save from SO2, No2 as well. Masks wont.

(4) Are those people more aware than us who keep Oxygen Mask ON in Delhi without caring for what others may think of them? Why and Why NOT?
No one likes to use them - its kind of a shame shame, you are not as strong as others are. But when the pollution causes real pain in literal sense and when the situation is dire dangerous, and too late, then people use oxygen mask and such, and dont care a damn what others think.

(5) I do NOT want to fear myself but Delhi being a safe Den, I think Delhi is much safer than All Over India but when it comes to LIVING WITH POLLUTION IN DELHI, then How can a person live in polluted city of Delhi? What he needs to do 24 hours round the clock? For this, you may assume an alien coming from Space and forming colonies in a mountain in France where they have made their own niche and they come for vacations here every year and stay in such a self created spaces in mountains of France which are suitable for their natural habitat?
I have lived, travelled in almost 15 states in India as part of work, worked in US, lived for a month in UK. 
Most safest place is several Indian states and Delhi is NOT one of them.
If you are really really healthy, then the pollution wont affect you. But there would be hardly handful of people in India like that - most of them are too evolved like yogis.
As and when someone starts loosing heath then leave the place.
As with Krishna''s clan, who first tried to fix water pollution, other issues, but when could not, then they left the village.
Many villages get deserted voluntarily when there is any pollution - be it water, air, or some more subtler pollutions.

Lungs are not just pipes and sacs. They are pipes with tiny holes of size 2micrometer. Hence anything less than then pass the lungs into blood.
The main problem is SO2 and NO2 which when dissolve in blood forms the H2SO4 + HNO3 (sulphuric acid and nitric acid and nitrous acid) and such. This combination is one of the most powerful acid which is called aqua regia which can dissolve even Gold which other acids cannot.
This acid which is formed in blood, then passes through stomach lining, intestine lining. This is why you see several cases of lung cancer and the next is oesophagus, stomach, intestine, colon cancer. This is the acidic blood that has made the inner food lining very sensitive. Now there is other sharp particles that flow with the blood that work as knives and scratch these already sensitive parts. Once a small part of food pipe (anywhere from mouth to anus) is damaged it usually means then other several areas are also sensitive. What allopathy does is start cutting pieces one by one and keep putting stunts.
Liver and gall bladder start acting protecting, but fail - so you see sever gall bladder removal, gall bladder stones, liver cancers , liver related issues. If the water soluble salts etc are more in air then you see skin cancer, kidney issues etc.
You see only one area which is worst affected - but several area have already got affected.
What is seen as issue in veins - food not reaching certain tissues etc is the initial lines of protection which body has taken by keeping the poison is less sensitive parts like limbs etc..

This is a topic of my interest so share your max inputs specifically towards HOW TO LIVE IN A POLLUTED CITY LIKE DELHI, BEIJING OR CHICAGO?
The whole issue is because of the 
1) Worst quality of the petroleum barrel that is imported by India and Pakistan and such.
2) Works quality of standards for petrol diesel. They have much much much higher sulphur content compared to petrol diesel in Europe, USA etc.
3) The worst waste coke imported by India to produce electricity in thermal plants. India buys all waste from europe and usa to burn. China stopped it some years back. African countries stopped it. But in India public life is cheap.
4) The construction standard of crushing stones etc. I have not seen such way of construction in USA.
5) All this happens because the dollar is dependent on petroleum. And usa would pay politicians around the world not to create non-petroleum technology.

How many people you know living in city are without medicines ? What is the average life span before they are known to have some cancer. Cancer is basically not a serious disease as per ayurveda. It is aging of a specific tissue which starts when you dont care for it - the root is Pragyaparadha. Pragya + Aparadha. The devata of the tissue is pissed off and decided to leave the body and this initiates the aging process. 
Our Pragya is clouded by the media and the English media knowledge and is many a times in logger heads with the the knowledge of the tissue - this causes our buddhi (faulty reasoning) to work against the natural system of knowledge. Most of the wrong knowledge is propogated in the name of Ayurveda itself - without proper understanding of the text in proper context, people start publishing after doing copy paste and translation without the understanding of the correct underlying framework.

Prana (Life) is the most dearest thing. One should try to protect it at the cost of everything else. People realise it (including me) when the shit hits the fan. Or the water has reached the nose level. Most of my like minded friends were thinking of working from Himalayas but they were not getting jobs - so we were thinking of starting a company - that did not happen. But the water reached my nose level first and I got away from Delhi. Luckily i got a company that allows me to work from remote. I am thankful to God for that.

But my wife thinks I am mad - The pain I was undergoing when pollution got high - only the sufferer knows it. Money does not compensate it.



Dear Aturji,

Forgot the main reply itself.
1) Shift to a place in Delhi which is less polluted.
2) Travel in metro to avoid exposure at roads.
3) Dont walk on roads, travel on bike on heavy roads.
3) Keep Jhadu Pocha of house.
4) Stay in places which is away from traffic.
5) Identify source of the pollution - traffic, thermal plants, diesel generators and find others.  Keep maximum exposure from them.
    Govt and media would always show you the wrong place - like burning of crops - we need to identify ourselves.
    In GNoida there were some industries that send dangerous smoke/exhaust at night 2:00am or so.
6) Every 6,7 the day travel to outskirts and relax. (the nearest in Jim Corbett - but stay away from traffic there as well).
7) Keep a air purifier in house that removes PM 2.5 etc.
8) Keep a salt lamp
9) Keep a desi ghee diya. But should be Desi Ghee - it cost 1000/- Rs plus per litre.

But as soon as symptom shows up, better leave to a place for that specific organ to heal.
Jaan bache to topi pachas -something like that..


If you decide to be in Delhi, do the below steps but without FEAR.
Akaash tatva, Vaayu tatva has a self healing property that works because of Shiva.
But if we keep creating waste more than natural healing of the elements, then that is the problem.
So identify the source and time of pollution and be away from it - at that time close window and AC.
Later once the pollution is gone at that time, swith on the AC.

Below steps are only small steps.

Is Air Purifier must in every room?
Whichever room you are sitting, place it there and close the room with small ventilation.

What is Salt Lamp?
Big peice of red rock salt and there is a old incandescent bulb below it. You get for Rs 1000/0 or so.

Does it affect your body salt composition or bones etc when burned in excess?
No The salt just melts - there is no salt vapour in room.
Salt absorbs bad ions and they mix with salt, melt and settle.

Can Salt Lamp be used alongwith Air Purifer or Air Purifier will also remove Salt Lamp pros?
Yes. both can be used as per me.

What about AC?
You need to keep cleaning filter once in a while at least a week, you need to use brush and cloth.

i MEAN ac vERSUS Air Purifier?
Both can be used in sync. You definitely need AC. good to invest in air purifier as well.

Is Air Purifier needed if the house is 24 Hours AC ON on mild temperature?

What is a Ghee Diya? And what does it work and how and why it works in what manner it removes pollutants?
Pure Ghee and pure til oil generate oxygen when burned. 
So in past when you had to travel several kms inside inner earth secret passage, people used to burn ghee or til on mashaal.
Else there would be suffocation inside the inner passage from their own exhaled CO2 - since the ends of tunnel are closed.
Most of the ghee and til we get are simply petroleum product - not a plant or animal product. That is why the cooking oil price is equal to twice diesel price.
Pure til seed cost say 300/- per kg. So 1 ltr of til oil need 2kg of seed plus labour cost. So 600/- plus labour cost. How come til oil is available at 150/- Rs ?

What is Air Filter? How to clean it?
This is a box you keep in room. The manual would have how to clean it.

What is AC Filter? How to self clean it?
Climb on a stool and clean it with brush on back side on window AC, front side of split AC. Place thick layer of towel.

How to jhadu Pochha? I mean with Black Phenyl as that turns away insects, snakes, lizards etc from house?
Dont use phenly. Use cow mutra or plain water with little bit of good quality washing powder.

Is Black Phenyl in house safe or it is NOT good to smell?
IT is not good for health - any perfume for that matter.

Why in Hospitals they regularly do Phenyl Pochha?
So that the pheyl smell camouflages other smell.

Why hospitas use AC'd and why going to a Hospital people get cured themselves most of the time without medications? Is it because of Phenyl Pochha or due to AC?
I think hospitals use ozone as well. Ozone kills all the germs and I think it oxidises many harmful gases to convert them to relatively harmless substance.
Even sunlight helps. You go to expensive malls or expensive hotels and there is no air pollution there. DONT know how they do it. They have centralised AC with something.
May be they use charcoal filter.

Also tell more about Krishna Clan's full story in detail.
Krishna's clan lived in Gokul, Vrindavana ,Mathura (I think the sequence is right) and then Dwaraka.
When there was bad omen - which always preceeds some later issues, people leave their place.
I am not sure which place they had to leave because of Omen.
One place he moved (I think Mathura to Dwaraka) because of the frequent attacks from other king - and it was not right time to kill that king - the killing of king had to be done at other occasion - for a more beneficial purpose.

If there is a shaapa from some sage, then as well people used to leave village.

Pollution in Delhi

Dear Friends, This blog is NOT for you but FOR ME. I keep learning new things from whichever source I get. In this process, I talked to s...